At Russellers first and foremost we encourage every player to enjoy their football and have fun, whether on the pitch or away from it. We want to nuture that fun and enjoyment to ensure that they are passionate about football for as long as possible. Finally we ensure with to correct coaching they develop a level of precision in their game that will see them achieve their own self fulfillment.

1. Children and young people have the right to enjoy sport, free from all forms of abuse and exploitation.

2. All children and young people have equal rights to protection from harm

3. All children and young people should be encouraged to fulfill their potential and inequalities should be challenged.

4. Everybody within the club has a responsibility to support the care and protection of children at all times.

5. As an organisation working with children and young people, the club and adults involved with the club have “A duty of care” towards them.

6. Above all else children should be taught that enjoyment will always outweigh competition